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MO-EL is close to its customers and their needs and is proud to bring to market a new range of LED insect control devices for the food industry and agriculture with a patent that multiplies their effectiveness by reducing electricity consumption. As regards heating, the catalog has been enriched with even more comfortable and efficient devices. Based on its experience in the UV field, MO-EL presents EIR SAN, the air sanitising line.

MO-EL has been manufacturing electrical products for over 40 years. Famous for the CRI CRI model, the most effective
and robust insect trap ever, the MO-EL electroinsecticide range includes the suction Insectivoro system and adhesive
paper devices.

Attentive to the requests of hygiene professionals and installers of electric material, MO-EL designs and manufactures
hair dryers and towels for hotels and indoor and outdoor heaters characterised by instant effectiveness and ease of use.


MO-EL is linked to its territory and is proud to bring its Emilian character abroad where it exports over 60% of its
production. 95% of the products are designed and built in Montecchio Emilia.

The collaboration with Italian universities, with private laboratories and the close relationship with suppliers allows it to
grasp the challenges of the market and to offer safe, effective and robust products.


The MO-El range of heaters includes powers from 600W up to 6000W The variety of heating lamps meets the needs of

both industrial heating and catering, places of worship, sports facilities or furniture

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MO-EL electroinsecticides are designed for agriculture, the food industry and the HO.RE.CA., but they are also perfect for demanding users who want to defend their home from flies and mosquitoes while respecting the surrounding environment and useful insects.
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MO-EL has developed over time a wide range of hotel hair dryers and electronic towels for all needs, including the most modern air-blade appliances, which combine maximum energy efficiency with the perfect protection of hygiene standards


Thanks to forty years"experience with UV lamps, MO-EL has developed a range of devices for sanitisation through the use of UV-C germicidal lamps. UV-C rays have a very high virucidal power and their use – safely-is endorsed by the Higher Institute of Health in the protocols for sanitisation provided for Covid-19. It is about guaranteeing to those who have to share spaces or equipment the tranquility of a real and continuous sanitisation of the environment   The EIR-SAN range includes powerful and safe sanitising models, the effectiveness of which has been tested with excellent results in private laboratories and universities
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Large flow evaporative coolers guarantee fresh and clean air without the use of gas and compressor. The low consumption and versatility of use make them ideal for cooling both in domestic and industrial environments, as well as for bars and restaurants.



Whether in public places, places of worship, terraces, production sites or domestic environments,
in the MO-EL catalog you will find the right solution for heating and disinfestation.

Places of worship
Domestic environments
Sport facilities

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