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Heating Systems

Heating Systems

MO-EL heaters are designed to create wellness areas where people can feel comfortable and carry out their activities.
Production sites, outdoor expanses of bars and restaurants, warehouses, wet rooms, changing rooms, verandas, sports
facilities or places of worship require different solutions.

Design, light spectrum and size are relevant, but there are three essential questions you need to ask yourself:
How much is the place to be heated subject to drafts?
How long will people stay in the area to be heated?
What is the activity that will be done? Will people be still or moving?
In view of the presence of current air and the residence time, it is possible to orientate to IR-A, IR-B or IR-C

The heaters that use this technology offer instant heat, are extremely efficient and even in the presence of drafts keep their performance unchanged. In fact, short waves do not disperse heat in the air, but only heat surfaces exposed to heating rays. The MO-EL IR-A heaters have no glass, and for this reason they convert about 99.9% of the electric current into heating rays. Their brightness varies from model to model. The range of action is explained by the light beam, in fact they behave exactly like the sun’s rays. They are particularly suitable for very large spaces or outdoors, where they allow to create heat zones even in the presence of drafts.
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The heaters using this technology represent a perfect link between the efficiency of IR-A and the comfort of IR-C. The heat emission is more muffled than IR-A, they have an immediate yield and give a feeling of enveloping warmth. The feeling of pleasant warmth makes them perfect for places where you want to stay for a long time. By giving off heat to the air, their performance can be mitigated by the wind.
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Heaters using this technology put the design and comfort of people first. They offer extremely pleasant warmth. They do not emit any light and do not interfere with the design of the environment. Elegant and with a very pleasant warmth, they are the ideal solution for sheltered environments where people stay for a long time.
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