The dimmable version of aaren is equipped with remote control, in order to make both the use and control of the power easier and immediate. the weather rated chassis is made of 6060 anodised aluminum it permits a safe outdoor installation.
one sole remote control can control multiple heaters, selecting operation at 1/3, 2/3 or complete power.

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Made in:
Protezione IPIP55
Dimensioni in mm1050x250x75
Peso8,0 kg
Tensione di alimentazione220-230 V 50-60 Hz
Classe isolamentoI
CavoH05SS-F 4x1,5 mm 1,9 m
Codice MetelMOE967WD
Tipologia lampadeCarbon fibre
Spettro di emissioneIR-B
Potenza Lampade2x1200 W
StrutturaAnodized Aluminium 6060
Rotazione/inclinazioneAdjustable inclination
Consumo Totale2400 W