This version of aaren has been specifically designed for installation in false ceiling interiors. the heater is located inside a white painted metal structure, designed to occupy exactly 2 standard 60×60 panels. item 9011 disappears inside the false ceiling. perfect for offices and work environments: easy installation and guarantee of a pleasant and immediate heat.
the use of infrared lamps allows, as for all mo-el radiant heaters, a targeted and localized heating only on the areas of interest, with a great energy saving.

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Made in:
Dimensions in mm1190x590x160
Weight8,9 kg
Power of supply220-240 V 50-60 Hz
Insulating ClassI
Metel CodeMOE9011
Lamps featuresCarbon fibre
Luminous SpectrumIR-B
Lamps Power2x800 W
StructureWhite varnished Aluminum
Rotation / inclinationThe product is directional
ColourTranslucent white glass on demand: opal white glass
Total consumption1600 W