Medium wave length IR-B infrared heater
Aaren is the brand new type of heaters. It combines the elegance of the hot-top line with the immediacy and effectiveness of infrared lamps.
Aaren is combined with the Schott Nextrema® glass 4 mm thick. This glass-ceramic, resistant to thermal shocks, has an IR-B medium-wave infrared transparency of almost 90%, while on the contrary it is opaque to the rays of the spectrum visible to the human eye.

Exclusive design – indoor and outdoor – pleasant and immediate heat with minimum visual impact
Each heater is equipped with 2 infrared lamps and the installer can make the connection so that they can also be turned on separately, thus offering the possibility of half-power use at times when this is sufficient.

The dimmerable version of aaren is equipped with remote control, in order to make both the use and control of the power easier and immediate.
The weather rated chassis is made of 6060 anodised aluminum it permits a safe outdoor installation.
One sole remote control can control multiple heaters, selecting operation at 1/3, 2/3 or complete power.

Equipped with a remote control dimmerable with 3 levels of power
Luminous light indicated of selected power

WHITE VERSION: COMING WITH translucent white glass on DEMAND: opal white glass