In case of installing of Infrared Heaters inside a well-insulated indoor environment, the heater must be installed together with electronic room temperature controller and weekly timer (code 9005ED, 9006ED or 9007ED). For this purpose, the codes with the “ED” suffix of each device are available at MO-EL’s catalogue.
The 9005ED is a plug-in monoblock thermostat, which is used for devices with a cable and plug.

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Digital display thermostats with the possibility of daily and weekly programming.
Suitable For:
Heaters used in well-insulated indoor environment.
Made in:
IP Protection rate IP20
Dimensions in mm 70*41.5*140
Master Box 1 PC
Metel Code MOE9005ED
Colour White
Compatible with All MO-EL heaters with cable and plug.
EAN Code 8010114900501