Fiore | Riscaldatori Infrarossi a onde corte

MO-EL’s IR-A shortwave heaters are developed for providing the best heating performance from the very first instant of action. Without any front glass barriers they convert electrical energy into pure heat, enhancing efficiency and saving electrical energy. Lightweight and easy to be installed, they allow you to direct heat only to people or things upon your requirements, minimizing waste. Protected against water and dust, they are safe even outdoor.

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SIMPLE AND STILL MORE ELEGANT  The traditional design of Fiore is embellished with black.
EFFICIENT, FAST, CLEAN HEATING  Like all Mo-el lamps, Fiore works without gas. The infrared short wave  concentrates the effect where it is needed, without waiting times, heating the bodies and not the air. Fiore adapts to public and private places where there are auxiliary heating needs, with low costs and efficient service.
MODULAR SYSTEM Power: 1800 W. Version with switch and schuko plug ideal for both semi-enclosed and outdoor environments, thanks to IP65 protection rating. Installation at no less than 2.5 m from the ground is recommended. Frozen lamp.

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Fiore is light and robust. It combines economy and efficiency. The traditional design of Fiore is embellished with black and is even more practical and adaptable to any environment, thanks to the ELEGANCE and STELO poles equipped with anti-overturning base.
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4-6 mq
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IP Protection rateIP65
On/Off SwitchYes
Dimensions in mm712*112*83h
Weight0,95 kg
Power of supply230 V 50-60 Hz
Insulating ClassI
Master Box4 PCS
Metel CodeMOE766N
Lamps featuresFrozen quartz and tungsten filament
Lamp life5000H
Luminous SpectrumIR-A
Lamps Power1200 W
Rotation / inclinationThe product is directional
EAN Code8010114766053