MO-EL short wave heaters are characterized by immediate and pleasant warmth. Suitable to be used inside or outdoor thanks to the protection IP 65 and IP55. The IR-A MO-El heaters are available in the Iris, Fiore, Petalo, Sharklite, Lucciola, Hathor and Girosole versions with powers from 800 W up to 6000 W. The Iris and Petalo models are also available with remote control. The MO-EL IR-A heating lamps allow you to direct heat only where it is really needed. A series of supports and accessories make them suitable for any need. Perfect for heating verandas and open spaces, the models from 800 to 1800 W are also ideal for heating bathrooms, passageways, changing rooms and wellness areas.

Iris is the last short-wave infrared heater designed by MO-EL. It combines its solid Italian manufacturing with low consume and contemporary design.
The versions 866NRC and 867NRC are equipped with remote control for an easier control of the on/off setting. One remote control can activate various appliances, in fact it is operated by infrared inputs.
Made to last overtime, Iris is made of nylon and aluminum and can be completely recycled at the end of its life cycle.
Easy maintenance: the lamp is replaceable, it is not necessary to completely disassemble the unit. Watch the tutorial on MO-EL’s Channel on YouTube.
3 inclination settings for an easier installation
Iris is extremely light and it is suitable for be installed with the adjustable 1,5 mt retractable Arm (models 4467 and 4467). Iris is equipped with wall bracket (coming with the unit) but is also suitable for pole or sun umbrella installation if combined with pole bracket 868P (Pole) or 868U (Umbrella)

With adaptable wall bracket
White frozen lamp – quartz and tungsten wire
No rust – made in aluminum Nylon PA enhanced with fiber glass
Effective indoor and outdoor

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Iris is protected from dust and rain. It can be installed in any environment. Iris is suitable for wall, pole or parasols positioning.
Suitable For:
Effective indoor and outdoor
Range of Action:
4-6 m2
Coming with:
Supporto a muro e catene di sospensione
Made in:

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IP Protection rateIP55
On/Off SwitchSI
Dimensions in mm725X125X85
Weight1,0 kg
Power of supply220-240V 50-60Hz
Insulating ClassI
Master Box4 PCS
Metel CodeMOE866N
Lamps featuresIR-A FROZEN - Quartz and tungsten
Lamp life5000 h
Luminous SpectrumIR-A
Lamps Power1200 W
Structurealuminum Nylon PA enhanced with fiber glass
Rotation / inclinationSupporto a muro direzionabile
Compatible withlampada ricambio 002450, 868P Supporto a palo e 868U Parasol bracket