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RELIABILITY Sharklite has been designed for satisfying the needs of solidity, without neglecting design. The metal parts are made of aluminum whereas the  plastic parts are made from nylon reinforced with fiber glass. Robust and compact, the product resists to oxidation, extreme weather, heat and UV radiation.
SAFETY Its degree of dust and water protection  is IP55, which guarantees resistance in rain, jets of water, sand and dust. Impact resistance is assured by a robust grille and silicon supports.
TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION The production of essential parts, such as the parabolic reflector and the protection grille, occurs with an innovative system that uses projected curvilinear bends. This technique allows maximum precision to be achieved geometricly for the best radiation efficiency, while reducing costs and weight in comparison to traditional systems.

With a powerful design, it can be installed directly on the wall thanks to the robust aluminum support. Spread the heat evenly. The 1800W ruby lamp in red tones is well distributed thanks to the deep dish and the anti-glare front wings.
8-10 mq
Standard equipment:
Wall bracket
Made in:

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IP Protection rate IP55
On/Off Switch Yes
Dimensions in mm 912*150*100
Weight 1,6 kg
Power 1800
Power of supply 220-240 V 50-60 Hz
Insulating Class I
Cable H05RN-F
Plug Schuko
Master Box 2 PCS
Metel Code MOE712N
Lamps features Quartz ruby with tungsten filament
Lamp life 5000H
Luminous Spectrum IR-A
Lamps Power 1800 W
Rotation / inclination The product is directional
EAN code 8010114718038


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