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MO-EL electrical hand dryers are distinguished by their drying speed and usability.

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Anti-vandal hand dryer with push button and adjustable jet. Power: 2300 W. Pressing the button activates the powerful jet of air that dries hands quickly. To stop the delivery of the air jet, you can press the button again or wait for it to turn off automatically after about 20 seconds.

The painted steel body with wall plate in die-cast aluminum makes it an anti-vandal. The button and the air outlet are in stainless steel. Thanks to the 360 ° rotation of the nozzle the face can also be dried.

This is an anti-vandal towels and therefore suitable for high traffic areas such as airports, petrol stations, schools etc .

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The painted steel body with a die-cast aluminum wall plate makes it vandal-proof.
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It is vandal-proof and it is therefore ideal for crowded places such as airports, service stations, schools, universities, shopping centers.
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Protezione IPIPX1
Dimensioni in mm258*200*230
Peso4,7 kg
Tensione di alimentazione230 V / 50 Hz
Classe isolamentoI
SpinaTripole Schuko
Master Box1 PC
Codice MetelMOE725
StrutturaStainless steel AISI 304
Interruttore di sicurezzaAutomatic
Velocità aria (m/s)>22
Tempo di asciugatura (sec)18
Portata aria (m/h)210
Rumorosità78 dBA
Codice EAN8010114725005