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MO-EL electrical hand dryers are distinguished by their drying speed and usability.

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The model is characterized by an attractive design and a convergent jet. Power: 1800 W. It has an excellent consumption / efficiency ratio and requires minimal maintenance. Drying of the hands is quick and fast thanks to the brush motor and the system which concentrates the flow and allows the use for a shorter time with lower energy consumption.

The sturdy body in AISI 304 steel makes it anti-vandal. The photocell is integrated into the body and allows its use without the user having to touch anything.

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The robust bodywork in AISI 304 stainless steel makes it anti-vandal. The photocell is integrated into the bodywork and it works automatically without having to be touched.
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This is an anti-vandal towel and therefore suitable for high traffic areas such as airports, service stations, schools etc.
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Protezione IPIPX1
Dimensioni in mm295*171*325
Peso4,9 kg
Tensione di alimentazione230 V / 50 Hz
Classe isolamentoI
SpinaTripole Schuko
Master Box1 PC
Codice MetelMOE726
StrutturaStainless steel AISI 304
Interruttore di sicurezzaAutomatic
Velocità aria (m/s)80
Tempo di asciugatura (sec)13
Portata aria (m/h)168
Rumorosità78 dBA
Codice EAN8010114726002