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MO-EL electrical hand dryers are distinguished by their drying speed and usability.

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Ergonomic design, practicality and sturdiness, the 315 model is the right choice for any need. Built in shockproof ABS and Anti-UV, it maintains over time an absolute aesthetic and structural quality. The peculiarity of this model is that the air suction takes place in the upper part and not, as generally happens, in the lower part, where it would suck up dust and dirt.

The model delivers hot air eliminating the need for any contact with hands. Complies with CE standards, the appliance is IMQ approved. All the electrical parts are totally protected, with double insulation in class II.

A powerful warm air flow is automatically activated when the hands are near, thanks to the infrared device. It is also possible to adjust the intervention distance of the sensors.

The hot air flow allows you to dry your hands in about 20 seconds. Power of 2125 W.

The model is particularly suitable for professional use and wherever continuous interventions and constant quality are required.

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MO-El bathroom products, made in Italy, guarantee IPX3 protection against splashes, the safety of IMQ tests and can be installed in the bathroom in compliance with current safety regulations. This model combines the quality of Italian materials with a power of 2125 W, extracts clean air from the environment, heats it and directs it to the hands to dry them quickly.
Suitable For:
Suitable for clubs, communities, schools.
Range of Action:
Quick drying, low noise.
Coming with:
Photocell for automatic ignition.
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IP Protection rateIPX3
Dimensions in mm320*257*150
Weight2,8 kg
Power of supply230 V / 50 Hz
Insulating ClassII
CableFor permanent installation
PlugFor permanent installation
Master Box1 PC
Metel CodeMOE315
Safety switchAutomatic
Air Speed (m/s)17
Drying time (sec)20
Air Flow (m3/h)155
EAN Code8010114315008