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Electrical wall hair dryers easy to install, safe and low consumption, they are the ideal solution for the hotel industry.

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The appliance has a power of 900 W, ensuring a quick and safe drying. The temperature is designed to avoid thermal shock to the hair. Elegant, silent and discreet, the model presents technical and aesthetic features of absolute quality.

In compliance with CE standards, IMQ approved, FIVE STARS switches on and off without acting directly on plugs or switches. The electrical parts are fully protected, double insulated and fixed to the wall. The user only holds the tube of the air.

The model turns on by pulling the handle towards the hair and goes out by hanging it up. The ignition mechanism, covered by MO-EL patent, allows to optimize the energy consumption, avoiding the waste of electricity.

Five Stars is installed directly on the wall, with screws and dowels that ensure an optimal seal in all conditions.

The model is suitable for application in hotels of international class.

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The MO-El bath products, made in Italy, guarantee IPX4 protection against splashes, the safety of IMQ and UL tests, can be installed in the bathroom in compliance with current safety regulations. Elephon is the safe and energy-saving MO-EL hair dryer line. All the electrical components are fixed to the wall and stored in the body in ABS protected against water splashes IPX4 and with double insulation in class II. The automatic ignition system allows you to control the waste, it lights up when the hose is taken in hand to be used and automatically switches off whenever it is left.
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The compact design makes it easily adaptable to small rooms and small spaces both at home and in hotels and community bathrooms.
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Protezione IPIPX4
Dimensioni in mm280*205*120 (Hose lengh 450/1500)
Peso1,6 kg
Tensione di alimentazione230 V / 50 Hz
Classe isolamentoII
SpinaItaly bipolar
Master Box6 PCS
Codice MetelMOE329TR
Interruttore di sicurezzaAutomatic
Durata stimata del motore(h)900
Velocità aria (m/s)20
Portata aria (m/h)50
Codice EAN8010114329005