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AIR BLADE HAND DRYER The air-blade hand dryers are the avant-garde of hygienic devices: extremely fast they allow a considerable energy saving and the practical drip tray prevents dripping on the floor. TWIST is a model with an extraordinary quality / price ratio. The double-motor and the 42 bidirectional exit holes assure the user an excellent drying performance. Power: 1900W and excludable resistance. Luminous display and digital thermometer measure the ambient temperature. EQUIPPED WITH AMBIENT THERMOMETER AND ANTI-DUST FILTER. A refined electronics protects it from acts of vandalism and external agents. White color.

The hand dryer with air blade has been designed to reduce power consumption and accelerate the drying speed. Put your hands in the upper opening, the 2 air blades with 42 nozzles blow the drops off your hands, then they also dry them thanks to the air that warms up as it works.
Suitable For:
The collecting tank guarantees hygiene and makes it suitable for public places such as hotels, restaurants, schools and hospitals.
Made in:
IP Protection rate IPX4
Dimensions in mm 350*280*745
Weight 10KG
Power 1900
Power of supply 230V / 50Hz
Insulating Class II
Cable H05VV-F
Plug Tripole Shuko
Master Box 1 PC
Metel Code MOE734
Structure ABS
Safety switch Automatic
Air Speed (m/s) 95
Drying time (sec) 10
Colour White
EAN Code 8010114734007

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MO-EL hand dryers are distinguished by their drying speed and usability.