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The air-blade hand dryers are the avant-garde of hygienic devices: extremely fast they allow a considerable energy saving and the practical drip tray prevents dripping on the floor. TWIST is a model with an extraordinary quality / price ratio. The double-motor and the 42 bidirectional exit holes assure the user an excellent drying performance. Power: 1900W and excludable resistance. Luminous display and digital thermometer measure the ambient temperature.

EQUIPPED WITH AMBIENT THERMOMETER AND ANTI-DUST FILTER. A refined electronics protects it from acts of vandalism and external agents. White color.

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The hand dryer with air blade has been designed to reduce power consumption and accelerate the drying speed. Put your hands in the upper opening, the 2 air blades with 42 nozzles blow the drops off your hands, then they also dry them thanks to the air that warms up as it works.
Suitable For:
The collecting tank guarantees hygiene and makes it suitable for public places such as hotels, restaurants, schools and hospitals.
Made in:
IP Protection rate IPX4
Dimensions in mm 350*280*745
Weight 10 kg
Power 1900
Power of supply 230 V / 50 Hz
Insulating Class II
Cable H05VV-F
Plug Tripole Schuko
Master Box 1 PC
Metel Code MOE734
Structure ABS
Safety switch Automatic
Air Speed (m/s) 95
Drying time (sec) 10
Colour White
EAN Code 8010114734007

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MO-EL electrical hand dryers are distinguished by their drying speed and usability.