Infrared heating

Heating solutions for:
Restaurants, houses, green houses, animal care, commercial and patios
– IR-A heaters, efficiency and immediate heat
– IR-C heaters, charming and cozy
– LOW GLARE heaters, efficiency combined with soft illumination.
– No Glass barriers stopping the heating rays
– IP55 and IP65 water and dust protection, for indoor and outdoor use
– Safety tested by IMQ and UL

MO-EL Infrared Heaters have been designed in compliance with Directive 2009/125 / EC and Commission Regulation 2015/1188. The MO-EL heating devices focus their heating power where required. Their purpose is to achieve and maintain a certain thermal comfort for people through thermal radiation, saving electricity in comparison to other heating systems, which aim to warm up the entire indoor environment.

In case of an insulated indoor installation, the heater must be installed together with the electronic room temperature controller and weekly timer (code 9005ED, 9006ED or 9007ED). For this purpose, the codes with the “ED” suffix of each device are available in the MO-EL catalog.

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