MO-EL disinfestation products are the result of 35 years of experience. The capture system has been studied in relation to the behavioral habits of mosquitoes, flies and other flying insects.

These insects need a moist habitat to survive from dehydration risk and to lay their eggs. MO-EL attraction systems emit light with a frequency of 365nm which reproduces their ideal habitat. Harmless to people, it is irresistible for flies and mosquitoes, which once attracted remain trapped. Product safety is  based on CE and guaranteed by independent laboratories such as IMQ, UL, INTERTEK and TUV. The effectiveness is proven by tests conducted on the field by researchers at the University of Bologna. MO-EL products do not emit toxic substances and do not use chemical additives. They capture flying insects respecting environments and their natural antagonists such as spiders, toads, geckos and other small animals. Effective against Diptera, such as aedes, anopheles and other mosquitoes (Culicidae), flies, horse fly and sandfly.