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Insect killers

Insect killers

MO-EL pest control products are the result of 40 years of experience. The capture system has been studied in relation to
the behavioral habits of mosquitoes, flies and other flying insects. These insects to survive dehydration and to lay eggs
need a moist habitat. MO-EL attraction systems emit light with a frequency of 365nm that reproduces their ideal habitat.
Harmless to people, it is irresistible to flies and mosquitoes, which once attracted remain trapped. Product safety is not
based on EC alone, but is guaranteed by independent laboratories such as IMQ, UL, INTERTEK and TUV. The
effectiveness is proven by field tests conducted by researchers from the University of Bologna. MO-EL products do not
emit toxic substances and do not use chemical additives. They capture flying insects respecting the environment and
their natural antagonists such as spiders, toads, geki and other small animals. Effective against Diptera, (Diptera) such
as aedes, anopheles and other mosquitoes (Culicoidea), flies, gadflies and pappataci.
The new LED models differ from the classic lines because using a new patent they can vary the frequency of light rays
and expand the attractiveness of the traps to new specimens.
Environments, health regulations and different types of infestations require a targeted approach.
For this reason, MO-EL has designed three different capture systems.

The Mo-EL adhesive paper line complies with HACCP standards. It is indispensable wherever food is processed and where hygiene is important. MO-Stick is aimed at professional disinfestation where the highest hygienic standards must be guaranteed and where scrupulous monitoring is required. The combination of UV-A light with a frequency of 365nm combined with checkerboard adhesive panels, allows a precise and punctual count of the captured insects, as required by the HACCP directives. Available in versions AISI 304, Aluminum, IP65, IP55 and also in Furniture version.
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The animal Husbandry line is designed for professionals who have to work in critical areas, safeguarding the health of people and animals. This line includes both discharge and suction products. Low maintenance and effectiveness are the essential qualities of these products. The effectiveness has been proven by the Universities of Bologna and Pesaro and Urbino, evaluating them essential in the fight against some insects that can harm crops and animals.
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The traditional electric discharge CRI-CRI, famous for their quality, effectiveness and durability CRI CRI is the product that has made the history of all electric insect killers. Functional and quick, eliminates mosquitoes and other annoying flying insects. Ideal for fighting flies and mosquitoes, used constantly is the most efficient system to destroy flying insects while avoiding the use of harmful substances. The CRI CRI line is characterised by the quality of the materials and the resistance to oxidation. The grid cleaning system guarantees its effectiveness over time. The plastic parts are made of ABS enriched with glass fiber and pigments that guarantee resistance to sun exposure and temperature range. The metal parts are tested for salt vapors, to ensure durability and resistance to oxidation. The Insectivoro suction line, silent and efficient are suitable for both domestic and professional environments. Insectivoro sucks insects quietly and unobtrusively. Light with a frequency of 365nm attracts insects, and a suction system sucks them out by capturing them in an internal drawer, from where they cannot escape. The fan is safe, just the touch of a finger to stop it. Insectivoro does not emit odors, it is quiet and practical to clean.
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