The NEW MoonLED INDOOR & OUTDOOR suction insect trap is equipped with 6 UV-A LED with an emission of 365 nm. MOON LED is efficient against flying insects up to 14 meters away.

The LED light combines its attractive power with the advantage of low energy consumption.
Flying insects are sucked in by the fan and trapped in a drawer, which closes automatically when the appliance is turned off. The drawer can be easily removed, emptied and washed in complete safety.
The unique and original DESIGN is combined with a great robustness of the structure and with the possibility of a safe outdoor positioning (terraces, swimming pools, gardens…). MOONLED is rated IP34 against dust and water.
The fan is safe and it stops automatically in case of accidental touch.

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Range of Action:
Effective in a linear range of 14 linear m
Made in:
IP Protection rate IP34
On/Off Switch yes
Dimensions in mm 250X251X280
Weight 1,27 Kg
Power 9
Power of supply 100-240 V 50-60 Hz
Insulating Class II
Cable 5 mt
Plug adapter
Master Box 2 PCS
Lamps features LED
Lamp life 30.000 h
Luminous Spectrum 365 nm
Lamps Power 6 LED
Structure ABS
Safety switch Yes
Motor Power 4,5 W
Fan speed 1200 rpm


Insectivoro by MO-EL aspirates insects silently and discreetly. The natural luring system attracts insects, because, they approach the trap identifying it as  their natural habitat. A suction system sucks them into an inner drawer, from which they can not escape. The fan is safe, it can be stopped by a slight touch of a finger. Silent, discrete and elegant.