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CRI CRI is the product that has made the history of all zappers. It eliminates mosquitoes and other annoying flying insects functionally and efficiently. Ideal for those who really need to fight flies and mosquitoes. A continous use of CRI CRI  during the wet or spring-summer seasons is the most efficient system to control insects. The CRI CRI line is characterized by the quality of the materials and the resistance to oxidation. The grid cleaning system guarantees its effectiveness over time. The plastic parts are in ABS enriched with glass fiber and with pigments that guarantee resistance to solar exposure and thermal excursion. In order to guarantee the durability and resistance to oxidationits metal parts passed the salty steam test.

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Characteristic of this model is the excellent quality-price ratio.
STRUCTURE The robust structure ensures excellent functionality even in hostile environments. The model ensures unaltered quality over time and is covered by a 2-year MO-EL warranty, excluding lamps that must be replaced annually.
LAMPS The model is equipped with 1 UV-A lamp that generates a light emission of 20 W with a range of about 12-14 meters. The lamp holders are watertight in order to avoid access to water or dust.
SAFETY Designed to guarantee hygiene and safety, this model is approved by IMQ in IPX4 protection and therefore also suitable for outdoor use. Grids maintain their efficiency over time because high voltage discharge and spaced electrified rods that do not get dirty. Built in self-extinguishing plastic.

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Approved for outdoor use. Positioned on the ground it is also effective against the tiger mosquito (aedes abopictus). Capture the Diptera (Diptera) for example the aedes, and the anopheles. Effective even against flies.
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PEST CONTROL in medium-sized environments, even outdoors.
Effective within an irradiation of 10-12 linear meters.
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Protezione IPIPX4
Dimensioni in mm685*200*380
Peso8,0 kg
Tensione di alimentazione230 V / 50 Hz
Classe isolamentoII
SpinaItaly bipolar
Master Box2 PCS
Codice MetelMOE305E
Tipologia lampadeUV-A Actinic
Durata lampade3000H
Spettro di emissione365 nm
Potenza Lampade1x20 W
Codice EAN8010114305023

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UV-A LAMP 0512