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CRI CRI is the product that has made the history of all zappers. It eliminates mosquitoes and other annoying flying insects functionally and efficiently. Ideal for those who really need to fight flies and mosquitoes. A continous use of CRI CRI  during the wet or spring-summer seasons is the most efficient system to control insects. The CRI CRI line is characterized by the quality of the materials and the resistance to oxidation. The grid cleaning system guarantees its effectiveness over time. The plastic parts are in ABS enriched with glass fiber and with pigments that guarantee resistance to solar exposure and thermal excursion. In order to guarantee the durability and resistance to oxidationits metal parts passed the salty steam test.

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Ideal for medium-sized rooms, this model combines the characteristics of extreme compactness and strength, an extreme ease of cleaning.
STRUCTURE Elegant, discreet, effective, the product ensures performance and quality unchanged over time.
LAMPS Equipped with 1 UV-A lamp of 15 W and a range of about 8-10 m.
SAFETY IPX3 protection against rain. The grids and the plastic parts are tested against oxidation (Salt vapor test), the whole body is tested to last both in extreme heat and dry conditions and to withstand the cold. The grids maintain their efficiency over time because the high voltage discharge and the electrified electrified slats ensure that they do not get dirty. Built in self-extinguishing plastic.

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PEST CONTROL in medium-sized areas. Effective against Diptera, such as aedes, anopheles and other mosquitoes (Culicoidea), flies, tafani and sandfly. IPX3 protected. For rapid disinfection indoors, or small sheltered outdoor areas.
Suitable For:
PEST CONTROL in medium-sized environments.
Range of Action:
Effective within an irradiation of 8-10 linear meters.
Coming with:
Grilles have been tested with salty steam, plastics enriched with fiber-glass for better durability and strength. Long life and clean grilles, anti-refraction lamp positioning to ceiling, extractable drawer, hanging positioning chain.
Made in:

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IP Protection rateIPX3
Dimensions in mm355*155*315
Weight4,1 kg
Power of supply230 V / 50 Hz
Insulating ClassII
PlugItaly bipolar
Master Box3 PCS
Metel CodeMOE304
Lamps featuresUV-A Actinic
Lamp life2000H
Luminous Spectrum365 nm
Lamps Power1x15 W
StructurePC / ABS Metal tested with salty steam
EAN Code8010114304002

Spare Parts and Accessories
UV-A LAMP 0415