Antizanzare ad Aspirazione


Specially designed for those who want to reduce costs and mosquitoes, this model is characterized by exceptional value for money. The drawer is equipped with a patented automatic closing system. The 32 W lamp provides a range of around 14-16 meters. Essential design, easy to handle and safe to use: 1 SPEED MOTOR Suitable to capture even the most insects big in complete silence.

3.2/5 (26 Reviews)
Grey Insectivoro, at one speed. Effective against Diptera, (Diptera) such as aedes, anopheles and other mosquitoes (Culicoidea), flies, horseflies and sandflies. Clean, silent and compact.
Suitable For:
PEST CONTROL in medium environments. Perfect for catering, but also for home use.
Range of Action:
Linear 14-16 m
Made in:
Dimensions in mm 245*220*340
Weight 2,4 kg
Power 55
Power of supply 230 V / 50 Hz
Insulating Class II
Cable H05RN-F
Plug Italy bipolar
Master Box 3 PCS
Metel Code MOE368G
Lamps features UV-A Actinic
Lamp life 2000H
Luminous Spectrum 365 nm
Lamps Power 1x32 W
Structure PC-ABS
Safety switch ON/OFF
EAN Code 8010114368004


Insectivoro by MO-EL aspirates insects silently and discreetly. The natural luring system attracts insects, because, they approach the trap identifying it as  their natural habitat. A suction system sucks them into an inner drawer, from which they can not escape. The fan is safe, it can be stopped by a slight touch of a finger. Silent, discrete and elegant.

Spare Parts and Accessories
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