Insectivoro by MO-EL aspirates insects silently and discreetly. The natural luring system attracts insects, because, they approach the trap identifying it as  their natural habitat. A suction system sucks them into an inner drawer, from which they can not escape. The fan is safe, it can be stopped by a slight touch of a finger. Silent, discrete and elegant.

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Equipped with a germicidal internal lamp (UV-C), it sterilizes the insects captured in the drawer by microbes and bacteria. This model, equipped with a circular lamp with 32 W, has been designed to solve hygiene and environmental problems; It is ideal for restaurants, premises for food production and sale, hospitals and wherever there is a need to eliminate microbes and bacteria from the environment. The drawer is equipped with a patented automatic closing system.

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THE FAN MOTOR WORKS WITH TWO SPEEDS, the first speed is slower and very silent, suitable for capturing insects like mosquitoes in complete silence during the night. The second one is faster, suitable for the day, wins the resistance of larger insects, such as flies, gadflies, bugs etc.
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PEST CONTROL in medium environments. Effective against Diptera, (Diptera) such as aedes, anopheles and other mosquitoes (Culicoidea), flies, horseflies and sandflies. Perfect for catering, but also for home use. Clean, silent and compact.
Linear 14-16 mt
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Dimensioni in mm245*220*340
Peso2,9 kg
Tensione di alimentazione230 V / 50 Hz
Classe isolamentoII
SpinaItaly bipolar
Master Box3 PCS
Codice MetelMOE363G
Tipologia lampadeUV-A Actinic
Durata lampade2000H
Spettro di emissione365 nm
Potenza Lampade1x32 W
Interruttore di sicurezzaON/OFF
Codice EAN8010114363009

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UV-A LAMP 001493