Insectivoro by MO-EL aspirates insects silently and discreetly. The natural luring system attracts insects, because, they approach the trap identifying it as  their natural habitat. A suction system sucks them into an inner drawer, from which they can not escape. The fan is safe, it can be stopped by a slight touch of a finger. Silent, discrete and elegant.

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Suction electroinsecticide ideal for indoor spaces. The pleasant design makes it suitable to be placed in any room on a piece of furniture, on the floor or hung on a wall. STRUCTURE The structure is in polypropylene. LAMPS Equipped with a 15 W UV-A actinic lamp, it provides a range of around 8-10 meters. SAFETY AND CLEANING Designed to ensure maximum hygiene and safety, this model is approved by IMQ and has a patented flap closure system in the event of a power failure.

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It is the smallest one aspires insects in the Insectivoro range. Easier and cheaper it is ideal for protecting your home from flies and mosquitoes.
Suitable For:
PEST CONTROL in medium environments. Effective against Diptera, (Diptera) such as aedes, anopheles and other mosquitoes (Culicoidea), flies, horseflies and sandflies. Perfect for catering, but also for home use. Clean, silent and compact.
Range of Action:
Linear 8-10 m
Made in:

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Dimensions in mm245*190*340
Weight1,9 kg
Power of supply230 V / 50 Hz
Insulating ClassII
PlugItaly bipolar
Master Box3 PCS
Metel CodeMOE396A
Lamps featuresUV-A Actinic
Lamp life2000H
Luminous Spectrum365 nm
Lamps Power1x15 W
Safety switchON/OFF
EAN Code8010114396007

Spare Parts and Accessories
UV-A LAMP 0415