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MO-Stick line of electroinsecticides focus on professional use.The combination of UV-A light with a frequency of 365nm with glue-boards, allows a precise and accurate count of the captured insects, as required by the HACCP directives. Available in AISI 304, Aluminum, IP65, IP55 and also in the ornamental version.

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HACCP insect control system, anti-humidity glue board, AISI 304 steel, washable with water and detergents, product for permanent installation.

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PEST CONTROL HACCP system, high quality glue paper, Aisi 304 stainlesssteel. Adhesive paper produced with harmless substances, approved for HACCP in accordance with regulation (EC) nr. 1907/2006. Compact and elegant lines.
Raccomandato per:
HACCP, compliant with the most stringent directives. Suitable for the food and catering industry.
Effective within an irradiation of 4-5 linear meters.
4 glue boards
Made in:
Tensione di alimentazione220-240 V/ 50 Hz
Classe isolamentoII
CavoFor permanent installation
SpinaTo be wired to the system
Master Box1 PC
Codice MetelMOE398
Tipologia lampadeUV-A Actinic
Durata lampade2000H
Spettro di emissione365 nm
Potenza Lampade1x20 W
StrutturaAISI 304 stainless steel
Compatibile con002413

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