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MO-Stick line of electroinsecticides focus on professional use.The combination of UV-A light with a frequency of 365nm with glue-boards, allows a precise and accurate count of the captured insects, as required by the HACCP directives. Available in AISI 304, Aluminum, IP65, IP55 and also in the ornamental version.

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Specially designed for large professional environments that require maximum environmental hygiene.
STRUCTURE The product is made entirely of stainless steel AISI 304, welded and treated for use in environments where food is prepared. In order to make it protected against water jets and dust, the model is equipped with a sealed lampholder, cable and rubber plug with a watertight cable gland, gasket between the body and the cover. MO-STICK is a trap that allows the monitoring of captured insects. Cleaning and replacement of adhesive papers is extremely easy. The clean and elegant design makes it a decorative object, silent and discreet that hides the view of insects. It can be hung from the ceiling with 2 practical chains, fixed to the wall or simply placed.
LAMPS The 2 powerful UV-A lamps of 40 W mounted on a sealed lampholder are equipped with an anti-shredder for the protection of the pipe: in case of glass breakage they do not disperse in the environment and at the same time the lamp’s phosphors do not come out . The sheath is perfectly transparent to UV-A rays.
SAFETY The model is IMQ approved, IP65 degree of protection and compliant with CE regulations.

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HACCP insect control system, high quality glue paper, AISI 304 stainless steel, washable with water and detergents, shatterproof lamps, protection class IP65. Wide surface of glue paper. Adhesive paper produced with harmless substances, approved for HACCP in accordance with regulation (EC) nr. 1907/2006. Low consumption product, 45W of absorption compared with 80W of attractive power.
Suitable For:
HACCP, compliant with the most stringent directives. Suitable for the food and catering industry.
Range of Action:
Effective within an irradiation of 15-18 linear meters.
Coming with:
AISI 304, 3 glue boards, anti-crushing lamps.
4 glue boards
Made in:

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IP Protection rateIP65
Dimensions in mm655*385*235
Weight7,8 kg
Power of supply220-240 V/ 50 Hz
Insulating ClassI
PlugTripole Shuko
Master Box1 PC
Metel CodeMOE372
Lamps featuresUV-A Anti-crushing ACTINICS
Lamp life2000H
Luminous Spectrum365 nm
Lamps Power2x40 W
StructureAISI 304 stainless steel
Compatible with001625
EAN Code8010114372001

Spare Parts and Accessories
UV-A LAMP 000788