MOON 3688B

Moon is the latest and most performing suction trap for flying insects for interiors and exteriors. The 32 W UV-A lamp attracts insects that are sucked by the fan and remain closed in the washable filter basket, with patented flaps that close automatically when there is no current. The safety shell protects the lamp from shocks. The exclusive design makes it unique and elegant and the IP34 protection makes it possible to position it even outdoors (terraces, gardens, swimming pools, etc). The motor with energy saving ignitor reduces consumption and doubles the life of the lamp.

3.1/5 (25 Reviews)
Developed to combat against tiger mosquitoes (aedes albopictus), it offers maximum performance in the garden. The inclination of the lamp projects its rays towards the habitual flight zone of the tiger mosquitoes. The capture system creates a flow of air, when the mosquitoes perceive it, they fall down and are sucked into an inner drawer. Ideal for both outdoors and indoors. IP34 protection is certified for outdoor use. Elegant and clean, furnish and illuminate your space by eliminating mosquitoes.
Suitable For:
PEST CONTROL in medium-sized environments. Both indoor and outdoor. Effective against aedes albopictus and other flying insects.
Range of Action:
Linear 14-16 m
Made in:
IP Protection rate IP34
Dimensions in mm 250*257*234
Weight 1,4 kg
Power 25
Power of supply 220-240 V/ 50-60 Hz
Insulating Class II
Cable H05RN-F
Plug Italy bipolar
Master Box 2 PCS
Lamps features UV-A Actinic
Lamp life 4000H
Luminous Spectrum 365 nm
Lamps Power 1x32 W
Structure ABS
Safety switch ON/OFF
EAN Code 8010114368813

CRI-CRI | A scarica

CRI CRI is the product that has made the history of all zappers. It eliminates mosquitoes and other annoying flying insects functionally and efficiently. Ideal for those who really need to fight flies and mosquitoes. A continous use of CRI CRI  during the wet or spring-summer seasons is the most efficient system to control insects. The CRI CRI line is characterized by the quality of the materials and the resistance to oxidation. The grid cleaning system guarantees its effectiveness over time. The plastic parts are in ABS enriched with glass fiber and with pigments that guarantee resistance to solar exposure and thermal excursion. In order to guarantee the durability and resistance to oxidationits metal parts passed the salty steam test.

Spare Parts and Accessories
UV-A LAMP 001493