High power evaporation cooler for large rooms. The air passes through the honeycomb structure, vaporizing the water and cooling air in a natural way.

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Low Consume (250W) No Gas - No Compressor: Item 9100 cools air with water or ice (for a more intense cold). 6000 m3 / h air flow and 80 liter tank. 3 power levels. Lightweight and equipped with wheels, it can be operated like a simple fan.. RPM 1200/min- Its blades are made in anodized aluminium - Range of action: 120 m2
Interruttore On/Off
Dimensioni in mm848*555*1254
Tensione di alimentazione230V / 50Hz
Classe isolamentoII
CavoCavo e spina
Master Box1
Rotazione/inclinazioneSupplied with wheels
Portata aria (m/h)6000 m3/h
Rumorosità9100: Speed. 1: 67 Db/A; Speed. 2: 69; Speed. 3: 71
Consumo Totale250 W
Codice EAN8010114910005