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Environmental sanitation through the use of UV-C rays In order to ensure the safety of people indoors, the need has now arisen to go beyond the albeit important simple cleansing and cleaning operations and to guarantee real sanitisation for those sharing spaces and equipment. In this area, germicidal UV-C rays, discovered at the end of the nineteenth century [the eighteen hundreds], are one of the elements that have been proven over the years to be among the most effective in inactivating viruses and bacteria. These are the rays with the shortest wavelength in the UV spectrum, normally blocked by our atmosphere but reproducible by special mercury vapour lamps. UV-C radiation has the ability to modify the DNA or RNA of microorganisms preventing them from reproducing and therefore being harmful. For this reason, it is used in various applications, such as disinfection of food, water and air. In vitro studies have clearly shown that UV-C light is able to inactivate 99.99% of the influenza virus in aerosols. The virucidal and bactericidal action of UV-C has been demonstrated in studies on MHV-A59 virus, a mouse analogue of MERS-CoV and SARS-CoV-1. Application to droplets containing MERS-CoV resulted in undetectable levels of the MERS-CoV virus after only 5 minutes of exposure to the UV-C emitter (a percentage reduction of more than 99.99%) and were also effective in sterilizing blood samples. In particular, more than 95% of the aerosolized H1N1 influenza virus has been demonstrated to be inactivated by a nebulizer capable of producing aerosol droplets similar in size to those generated by human coughing and breathing. (ISS Covid-19 report n° 25, 2020).  

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The model 8301 with exposed lamps has been designed to sanitize safely objects and contact surfaces “in the absence” of people.

Equipped with tilting back bracket, it can be easily installed on wall or ceiling. It can also be fixed on a pole by purchasing the specific support code 868P.

Equipped with a powerful 55W germicidal lamp, it is able to break down viruses and bacteria quickly in medium-sized environments.


Wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted, pole-mounted


The product is equipped with a remote control, which can be fixed to the wall, with timer set at pre-fixed intervals, at the end of which it will turn off automatically.


Dual presence sensor: the product automatically locks as soon as it detects movement within the room. The second sensor ensures the operation of the safety system even in the event of a failure of the first. The two sensors are mounted as standard on the product.

An alarm speaker signals the imminent switching on of the appliance, in order to evacuate the room.

Two signs prohibiting access for optical radiation danger are provided to be affixed to the entrance of the room.

POLE ATTACHMENT ART. 868P (not included)

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IP Protection rateIP20
On/Off SwitchLight switch
Dimensions in mm600X272X57
Weight3,8 kg
Power of supply230V-240V 50-60Hz
Insulating ClassI
Cable1,7 mt
Lamps featuresUV-C: 1x36W
Lamp life8000 h
Structurepainted metal sheet
Total consumptionmax. 40W