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Founded by Carlo Bertani, the MO-EL company has been manufacturing electrical appliances for professional use since 1982 .

MO-EL is based in Montecchio Emilia, a village raised on the river Enza nearby the Appennino mountains. This land is characterized by green fields, woods, small rivers and channels. It is cold in winter and it is hot during the summer season. It is for these reasons, that since the establishment of the first civilizations, mosquitoes have been a plague in our lands. On the base of this weather, Carlo Bertani started observing the behaving of some insects infesting the region.

Basing the project on the combination of light and zapping grids, he developed an effective trap resistant to sunbeams and rain: the CRI-CRI. Nowadays, our pest control range includes zappers, suction traps and glue paper devices.


Focusing on food industry, HACCP, agriculture, and HO.RE.CA. MO-EL’s appliances are tested by qualified engineers and by independent laboratories such as UL and IMQ. ISO 9001 certification guarantees the high quality standard of MO- EL’s products.

Availing also collaborations with some Italian universities, MO-EL aims to create innovative and efficient products, as attested by the numerous registered patents.

MO-EL expresses the soul of the Italian manufacture associated with worldwide testing.


Chemicals and poisonous emissions are out of our standards. We think nature does it better. It is for this reason that our heating and pest control systems take inspiration from the sun. We adjust the luminous emission of our lamps creating heat or attracting insects.

Attentive to the environment, we scrupulously evaluate packaging and components also on the basis of their durability and recyclability.
We put our efforts in making safe and strong outdoor products. We want our devices to last over time, because a robust item will not be wasted quickly, helping to save raw
materials and energy.

In order to avoid wastage and increase the recycling grade of our products, we limit the number of components and we select the materials carefully. We apply the same principle to the packaging material and its enclosures.

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